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Why disconnecting does it make for us?

Why disconnecting does it make for us?

First of all “disconnecting” is good because it allows us to go out, albeit only for a moment, by the automatisms of a life that is increasingly felt as overflowing but at the same time emptied by pleasure and satisfaction.

Other benefits of dedicating time to oneself depend, of course, on the type of activity that you decide to play. For example, getting a massage from your partner (another inspiration for the partner’s joy) can not only promote psychophysical relaxation, but also bring vitality and awaken positive feelings about the other. In general, however, doing activities that allow us to break away from routines can bring us beneficial effects over different areas …

  • Humor: Engaging in activities that make us feel good or make us feel effective can greatly improve our mood. It may seem obvious, but when we are down it is not easy to think that sometimes it is really little to feel better.
  • Energy: Some activities, especially those that require a certain degree of movement, can have an important energizing effect. It seems almost paradoxical, but spending more energy then finding it even more is a pleasant side effect.
  • Effectiveness: Being able to get results, as small as they may seem, gives us a sense of efficiency and adequacy that often motivates us to do more for ourselves and for others.
  • Wellbeing and connection: Engaging in activities that allow us to go beyond the routine helps us put into perspective many things: admiring a landscape or taking care of a flower or a plant can awaken in us the sense of beauty and wonder for all that that surrounds us. Often, changing the point of view can allow us to open our eyes to the reality of things and make us feel fully connected with a world in which we can struggle to find our place.
  • Creativity: It is not unusual that the best ideas come when we are dedicated to activities that in themselves may seem like leisure occasions. But it is in those moments when we can distance ourselves from the usual thoughts and reminds us of completely devoting ourselves to something else, which can give rise to intuitions, ideas, and even solutions to problems that seemed insoluble.
  • Relationships with others: If we devote time to ourselves, to be good with ourselves, there can only be positive effects in our relationships. Whether the partner, the neighbor, the boss or the postman does not matter: a person who is good with himself is able to better tolerate the many small things that annoy us of others, he is able to listen with more attention, to be more kind and more compassionate. And this is what others feel, maybe returning favor and thus creating a virtuous circle.

Whether the holidays are near or far, impossible or already over, we can find the way to temporarily disconnect the plug and charge our batteries simply by dedicating time to ourselves and what we like.

First, you need to identify at least 5 activities that you could do to your case (even more, if you go), then you have to decide when, where and with who to do it. This, perhaps, is the hardest part: to find the time to devote ourselves to when we think that there is no longer time.

In fact, this is a real investment: as we have seen, even just a few minutes to devote ourselves to what makes us feel better can result in greater energy, increased mood, and better relationships with others. This is not about the amount of “lost” time, but the quality of time “earned”.

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