Cholelithiasis: Its Causes and Symptoms

Gallstone disease – this is probably one of the most bothers diseases occurring in humans surviving features of middle and old age. Based on years of research, doctors say that the stones are almost every seventh person, but only one of these seven, they make themselves known, people may not even be aware that their […]


Causes and symptoms of osteoarthritis

Now medicine is reduced to two reasons: the emergence of such diseases as osteochondrosis – internal (endogenous) and external (exogenous). Internal causes of osteoarthritis are: genetic predisposition to a given disease or disorder in mind that were produced still in utero human development. Also to endogenous causes include degenerative disc disease of the spine disorders […]


Colon Cleansing home remedies

One of the most common ways and common methods is the so-called honey treatment. All of us have long known that honey has many healing properties, so we can say with certainty that he is one of the main healer of our body and the most popular in the region: Colon Cleansing folk remedies. The […]

Colon Cleansing