The Benefits of Lemon for Your Health

Lemons have countless benefits for both beauty and health. Small changes in our daily diet and beauty routine can bring immediate results and benefits to our quality of life. Today we talk about the diuretic benefits and for your lemon beauty. We recommend that every day, better in the morning and in the morning, take […]


Heart Disease

Heart disease or heart disease is a term used to define a number of serious diseases that affect the heart, often caused by an unhealthy diet. These conditions range from very common coronary disease, (largely caused by lifestyle) to the less common cases of congenital heart disease (which manifests itself before birth). The following information […]


Joint blockage in the knees can take a toll on us in the long run

On countless occasions we stopped in the importance of caring knees when training, they are one of the joints that most often suffer wear misuse or poor posture. So this time we want to stop at one point to take into account. This is the lock knee joint to perform some lower body exercises. Something that if we do not take into […]

Joint blockage

The most common mistakes in basic exercises: errors in the shoulder press

We close this series of articles that have analyzed the most common mistakes in the basic exercises with errors shoulder press. In previous posts we’ve talked about what these mistakes are and how to prevent them in the squat, the deadlift, the dominated, the rowing and bench press. The shoulder press is another of the exercises that we can see more in the gyms, whether performed […]


Tips to help make your hair beautiful and healthy

Changing seasons means not only update the wardrobe, but also the change of skin and hair care. In winter, the skin and the hair are most susceptible to the negative influence of the environment, with the onset of cold weather so they require special care. In this article you will find a hair in the winter maintenance […]


How to eat?

There is an infinite number of various articles dedicated to a very important question about proper nutrition. When what and how much should be eaten to provide your body with all the essential and vital vitamins and minerals? This question can be answered for days and did not convey the fullness needed to digest the […]

How to eat

Cholelithiasis: Its Causes and Symptoms

Gallstone disease – this is probably one of the most bothers diseases occurring in humans surviving features of middle and old age. Based on years of research, doctors say that the stones are almost every seventh person, but only one of these seven, they make themselves known, people may not even be aware that their […]